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"That's what she said" ~ Michael Scott, The Office

Jason is amazing! Honest and passionate with coaching! He really sees you where you are with no judgements and wants the best life for you! He has helped me get clear with what it is I want and encourages me to go for it!

Naomi M, 32 years old, California

Jason is a natural coach. He asked me questions that spurred new ways of thinking about relationships. He's patient, encouraging, and truly cares about his clients. He gave me actionable steps for moving forward into dating. Highly recommend!

Betsy S, 38 years old, Wisconsin

Jason is so knowledgeable, and together with asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter, his effect surprised me with its accuracy and wisdom. I was able to see my situation in a completely new light, and had a profound breakthrough in terms of how to view relationships, friendships and society, which has completely changed my way of being with them today. Thank you, Jason!

Jess S, 43 years old, Washington

Jason is incredibly knowledgeable about relationships, and speaking with him was so refreshing. I had a major breakthrough about how I show up in relationships through talking to him, and I was able to see a change in myself immediately, so that I wasn’t repeating old patterns.

Annie C, 29 years old, Illinois

Jason is the coach you've been looking for! Jason brings a unique perspective on dating and relationships that will help you break through all the old patterns that are keeping you from your dream life and relationship!

Lis B, 32 years old, California

He's an awesome coach and provided me with great insight into understanding myself. I appreciated his words of encouragement and how I can be better at understanding women and better at dating

Ray V, 35 years old, California

Jason has provided a space for me to see the worth and beauty that I bring to my relationships. His ability to hold space, be present, compassionate, loving and accepting of anything that is brought to him is unlike anything I have ever experienced. If you seek guidance on your path back to love, Jason is the perfect companion to fulfill your hearts greatest desires.

Holly Y, 37 years old, California

Jason is a great coach. I highly recommend him.

Paula M, Ireland