Ladies Love Coach & Relationship Expert Jason Elkins

Ladies Love Coach Jason Elkins is a relationship and dating expert with a mission to support as many women as possible to create their epic love relationship, whether that’s with someone they already love, or someone they have yet to meet. He grew up in a broken home, and experienced the effects first hand, carrying them forward into many of his adult relationships. After his second marriage ended in divorce Jason found himself as a single middle-aged man in a dating world that barely resembled what he remembered from his mid-twenties. He’d been studying relationship psychology for several years, and it didn’t take long before he was fascinated by what he was hearing from the women he was dating. 

This new world inspired him to learn even more about what’s necessary to create a deep, loving, sustainable relationship. Realizing that he was not alone, and committed to learning from his mistakes and sharing his lessons with others, he started his wildly successful relationship coaching business in the fall of 2020. He’s now supporting married and single women alike, and is excited to be a part of the massive results they are experiencing in their love lives. He understands that relationships are simple, but not easy, and is committed to supporting his clients as they create their exciting relationship visions for the future, and developing strategies to make these visions a reality now. He brings his life experience, technical knowledge, a loving heart, and a man’s perspective to his clients, and is just as committed to their vision as they are. 

Jason is living his own exciting vision and spends his days supporting clients, and exploring remote corners of the world, often with his autistic son, as a digital nomad. Many are surprised to learn that Jason’s resume includes US Army paratrooper, resort manager, fly fishing guide, advanced open water SCUBA diver, international tour operator, and commercial hot air balloon pilot. He’s passionate about turning his dreams into reality, and supporting others to do the same. You can connect with him at